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It’s Time for Pie!
Yes, Thanksgiving really is right around the corner!  Once again I’m happy to offer a selection of delicious pies for your holiday celebration.  Check out the 2014 line-up.
butterscotch pie

Butterscotch Cream Pie                $20

This is the new pie on the block.  And trust me when I say you won’t miss pumpkin.  Graham cracker crust, rich butterscotch custard and whipped cream.                               Available gluten free $22

Yogurt Pie

Skinny Greek Yogurt Pie        Gluten Free       $20

A delicious healthy alternative for  the Thanksgiving table! This one may be low fat and sugar free, but it’s not short on awesome.   Almond oat crust with a creamy citrus vanilla  filling made with nonfat Greek yogurt, topped with fresh berries.

pecan pie Elisa

Bourbon Pecan Pie comes with or without chocolate     $20

You can’t beat a classic!  Especially one with bourbon.  Pecan is definitely on my list of top five all time favorite pies.  A  little dark chocolate takes this one to a new level!                   Available gluten free $22

salted caramel apple

Salted Caramel Apple Pie      $20

This one is my most popular pie, hands down. The combination of sweet, salty, tart, crunchy and gooey makes it hard not to love.

And as usual I’m also selling my prize-winning Pork Green Chili Stew.  This is different than most green chili you’ll find around here.  I don’t thicken it with flour so it’s GLUTEN FREE, and I make it with potatoes and plenty of green chiles.  It clocks in at about medium spice.  It’s perfect for saving you some time on those cold, busy nights during the holiday season.  Stock your freezer, quarts are $10 each or 4 for $30.

green chile

To order send me an e-mail to elisa@thesweetlifechef.com

Deadline for pie orders is November 23.  Green chili will be available through the end of the year.



Mardi Gras is February 12 and The Sweet Life has just what you need to celebrate!

Available now, Bananas Foster Cream Pie and Cajun Style Gumbo!

Bananas Foster Cream Pie!

Bananas Foster Cream Pie!

This delicious pie is  made with a graham cracker crust, vanilla bean pastry cream, fresh bananas, rum caramel sauce, and topped with fresh whipped cream.  It is a 9-inch pie and serves 6 to 8 people.  Or just yourself if you want!!  It can be yours for just $18.


Cajun Style Gumbo with Chicken and Sausage

Most people are familiar with New Orleans, or Creole, style gumbo which is thicker and contains tomatoes and okra.  My Cajun style gumbo is a bit thinner like soup and is made with chicken, andouille sausage, bell peppers and onions – no tomatoes or okra.  The deep, rich flavor comes from a dark roux that I cook for 3 hours!  Gumbo is available in quarts (frozen) for just $10 each.  All you need to do is heat and add a scoop of rice for the perfect Mardi Gras meal.


You need a bowl of this goodness!

You have got to try some of this gumbo!  Buy a few extra quarts for your freezer or friends.  One quart can serve 2 to 4 people, depending on the size of the portion.  I suggest serving 1 cup per person with cooked rice as a delicious starter to a festive meal.

To order pies or gumbo contact me at elisa@thesweetlifechef.com



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