Personal Chef Services

Many people might think that they don’t need or can’t afford a personal chef.  But a personal chef is a valuable service that makes good sense – for both your wallet and your health!  Are you like so many people who spend large amounts of money on restaurant take-out, fast food, and prepared foods from the deli?  In today’s world we are spending more time working and increasingly less time on taking care of ourselves. A personal chef is the ideal way to enjoy wholesome, delicious food that is prepared and enjoyed in the privacy of your own home. No crowds, no lines, and most importantly, no harmful preservatives and low-quality ingredients.  Personal Chef services from The Sweet Life will free you from over-priced and under-nourished food.  You too can enjoy the affordable “luxury” of a personal chef!


  • I work with you to create unique, customized menus every week.  I can prepare breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and snacks – it is up to you!
  • I will prepare your meals on the weekday you specify and package everything for reheating .  Everything will be labeled and I’ll provide instructions.
  • I’ll clean up the kitchen when I’m done cooking.


  • You pay for the cost of groceries.  I’ll shop according to your standards so the cost of groceries will vary depending on how many meals you want and if you want organic products, specific name brands, etc.
  • Chef’s Fee of $40 per hour for meal planning, shopping and cooking.  The total number of hours will depend on what kind of food you want and how many meals you need per week.  For a single person getting 10 meals per week (5 lunches and 5 dinners with a few dishes repeated) you can expect about 5 hours per week.  For a family who needs 5 dinners per week for 4 people (complete meals with no dishes repeated), you can expect about 5 to 6 hours per week.



* With The Sweet Life, all cooking takes place in your own kitchen.*